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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Cats

Buddies Forever

Selections From Cats (1982 Original Broadway Cast)
Are you a cat lover?

Oh how I love my cats.  They are part of me.  I have two cats.  Maggi is always in doors.  Bubbs is an indoor/outdoor cat.  Maggi is a very independent short haired, gray/ tan mix. Bubbs is a long haired, fluffy orange and white boy cat.  Maggi comes to you on her terms.  Bubbs comes when you call him, no matter where he is.  He could be blocks away and as soon as I call him, he comes. Maggi is about 8 years old.  Bubbs is 10.  We have had Maggi since she was about 6 weeks old.  We originally got her for Bubbs because he cried and wined so much when we got him, that we decided he needed a buddy.  Well at first they hated each other.  Bubbs  would bat and hiss at her all the time.  Then as time went on he grew to tolerate her.  Now, they love each other.  They play together, they share food, they give each other bathes.  Its quite funny.  Its amazing how animals that come from totally different parts of the Country and are so different and can become the best of friends.  Now I am sure it helps that Bubbs goes outside.  Come to find out, I think Bubbs just wanted outside, not a friend.  That's okay.  I am glad for my cats! 

Just resting

Where is Bubbs?

I'm coming!

Just chilling!

Here is Sarah with her white kitty from Omie.
If you did not know better it looks and acts like a real cat.
 I have tried to get a picture of them giving eachother a bath, but they stop when I get the camera.  Oh well...I will keep trying. :-)