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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines And Such

I find it hard to figure out what to do for each holiday.  I want to make it fun for my kids, but I don't want to go crazy with it either.  Sarah and I did some fun activities while her brother was in school. 
Here she is glueing some heart Valentines.  I think she does well for being 3.

Here is one of our finished products.
I had to include this picture of my cat.  Doesn't she have beautiful colouring?  The sun was shining on her just right.  She also cooperated with me.  (Not an easy thing to do with a cat that likes to do her own thing.)
Lukas cooking Pancakes for us.  These are our Valentine pancakes.  This is rare time for him to help.  he is not to big on cooking anymore.  Maybe in due time that will change. 
These are the finished pancakes.  Don't they look good?  We used my new Cuisenart Griddler.  I love it!

Now that is a happy boy!!!!  Now he gets to eat.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Behind The Scenes


How do I keep up with life?  I almost always feel like I am falling behind.  Their seems like so much to do all the time I don't know where to begin, so then I procrastinate and nothing gets done.  Or things that are easy get done and the rest gets put off.  Anybody know what I mean?  Maybe it is based on what is expected on me from society.  Or maybe its what I think should be expected of myself.  Not sure.  Sometimes I will get lots done, then I will go for a while and do crafts and such instead of cleaning.  I HATE CLEANING
I just have to say it.
  I would rather cook, knit or just go outside and enjoy the great outdoors, then scrub the floors. 
 YUCK!  Or do laundry, YUCK!  I still do those things, its just that I wait until it gets really bad sometimes.  I also need an organized way to get organized.   That make sense?  Now will any of these books help?  I don't know.  I have never read any of them.  Anybody know these books at all?  Maybe when I get organized enough I will read them.  He He!