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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time for a New Year

With the New Year coming it is time for me to reevaluate my life.  What did I like about this past year and what did I not like.  What can I change and do different?  Should I change anything?  I am kind of happy at how my life has turned out so far.  Although there are some times I am not.  When I look at the whole picture, I think I have done well this year.  My main focus has been my family.  With having two young kids, a house and my cats to take care of life has passes by and I am stuck way in the back.  

Who am I kidding?  There is a lot to change.  I have a long list of things I would like to accomplish and try out.  Like this blog.  This is a whole new adventure for me.  I am getting into my crafts more.  I am knitting a sock!!  Want to see?  I just started knitting a year ago, but that is just here and there.  I hope to get faster and better as I go with the sock.

  I am painting a paint by number.  I like that, but it takes so long to do every detail and mixing the paints.  This painting will take me another year to finish.  That is how it works with a crafty brain like mine.  I have many projects going, and enjoy the all.   But it takes me forever to finish them.  And then I find something else to try.  That is the excitement of life.  That is what life should be based on.  Abatement for the next project!  If I can always keep that in mind, then this New Year will be fantastic.  Oh...
Another project is for me to find out more about myself.  Think I can do it?  I will see.  Only time will tell....
There seems to be a Rainbow in my future!