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Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh What Fun!!! Halloween 2010

Sarah carving her first pumpkin!
What a fun time.  It was great that it happened on Sunday.  My Hubby was home, therefore we could do more then usual.  My sis came over and went trick or treating with us.  My Hubby handed out treats.
Lukas knows what he is doing with his pumpkin

Markus and my pumpkins.  Aren't they great!

 I like these times when it feels like everybody has come together for a fun time.  One of our neighbors was celebrating his B-day and gave all the adults a nice spiked drink.  It was great!  Everybody was so nice and enjoying the great night for some spooky fun. The kids really enjoyed it.  Sarah was a Giraffe and Lukas Batman.   They got way to much candy.  They had the most fun just going from house to house.  All the costumes were great and there really were no issues.  We all had a great time. 
Just about to go out and get all the goodies!