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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting Colder!

Lukas at the Pumpkin Farm in Niagara Falls with his SK class

The sun is out.  But we sure have enough wind.  Halloween is almost here.  Lukas is the most excited.  He will have a party and walk around in his costume tomorrow morning.  He will be Batman.  My boy is such a fun kid.  Everybody likes him at school.  All I ever hear is "Hi Lukas B"  from many of the kids around the school yard.  They call him Lukas B because last year there was another Lukas, (Lukas T) in his class.  It is so cute to hear because the other Lukas is in the other class, so they don't have to call him that, but they do. On top of being a fun kid he does so well in school.  His teacher says he is the quietest kid and the nicest kid in the class.  He is so helpful with everybody.  We could not have gotten a better boy from God.  We are absolutely blessed. 

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